Thank you for your interest in the work of Scott Richardson, writer, poet, reader and blogger.

This is how sci-fi author David Eddings defines how to be a writer:

So you want to be a writer? No problem. Write about a million words. Then burn them. Now you’re about ready to start.

How’s that for encouragement!

I’ve been writing on and off since 1985, but I’ve never attempted a word count of my work. Include the four novels mouldering on my shelf, and I must be over that magic million.

The pieces here reflect a writer still learning his craft. All constructive comments are very welcome.

Best wishes,
Scott Richardson

  1. Jane Evans says:

    Rather nice site, if I may say so. Will peruse it over the next few days…!

  2. Thanks Jane,

    This has been a lazy labour of love for a couple of months. But I hope to post a link on the A215 FB forum to try and garner some further interest.

    I look forward to your honest and constructive thoughts.

  3. Joe Hodgson says:

    Yo Scott, haven’t read anything yet but I will! and looking forward to it! Just wanted to say hello for now. All the best buddy, Joe

  4. Valerie J says:

    Great website, Scott. I read Training Porpoises just now – not sure if it is just too true to be funny but it still made me laugh. But ‘plastic bloodstuck’? Does that need tweaking? Just asking. x

    • Cheers Valerie,

      I take your point on ‘bloodstuck’. I was reading James Joyce when I wrote ‘Training Porpoises’ and I noticed he sometimes combines words to make others. Call it a morphological experiment ;-)

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